Saturday, March 29, 2008

March 29, 2008 - Ackkk!

I have come to the conclusion, like I didn't already realize it, I could never make a living designing quilts!

I've already taken the caterpillar quilt apart twice. This morning I was reading the RCTQ newsgroup and found out Andover Fabrics has a quilt pattern for the caterpillar fabrics.

I took a look, and realized I should have cut the assorted foods fabric *lengthwise* to take advantage of the built in stripe.

Thankfully the local quilt shop carries this fabric so this morning I am off to buy more fabric. It wouldn't be so bad but I am trying to get this quilt done by Tuesday when the class starts their Eric Carle unit and I leave town for a vacation.

No, I am NOT taking any sewing with me.


Mary said...

We all have those quilts that don't come out just like we planned!

Dulin said...

I like them!!!!!!!!!!!