Sunday, April 11, 2010

April 11, 2010 - Rough Draft

I got a small start on my Nash Schnibbles quilt. I'm using Looking Back by Brannock and Patek.

I don't like that the red from the 4 patch touches another red. So I plan to have all the 4 patches be composed of 2 blue and 2 brown fabrics. I am using layer cakes and a bit of yardage, so I have enough fabric to not have to rip out this block.

Stay tuned for more progress.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

April 4, 2010 - Pin Cushions

I have been sewing since I was 10 years old. That's a long time. : )

I have always kept my straight pins in a plastic or tin box and I just grab the pins as I pin a garment or quilting project.

I had the joy of helping my college aged daughter do some sewing this week while she was home from college. She kept poking herself as she took the pins from the tin. She asked me why I don't use a pin cushion. I guess it is because when I un-pin, I pull out a lot of pins at once, and then how do I stick them back into the pin cushion? So I bought a large tomato pin cushion from Joann Fabrics and I am going to give it a try.

How about you? Do you use a pin cushion or box of pins?

Photo from Joann fabrics

April 4, 2010 - UFO problem

No finishes to post. I seem to have a problem with attention span. I have started at least 5 projects in the past 6 months or so. Then I get bored with the project, or an urgent need arises for a gift or a new project. Or a new collection is released that I need.

Stay tuned for the newest project. We did some rearranging in our living room and there is some wall space begging for a new Schnibbles quilt. The fabric is washed and ironed and the cutting will begin soon.

Stay tuned.