Friday, March 28, 2008

March 28, 2008 - A quandry...

The 2 border fabrics both have a white background and they sorta merge into one another. So I un-sewed them.

I added the wider border with the assortment of foods eaten by the Very Hungry Caterpillar. I could add the polka dot fabric as the binding and call it done.

Or, I could add the polka dot border, then the border with the caterpillars, then the polka dot binding. In these last 2 photos I have not sewn the fabrics, just set them close together to try to get the effect of how it would look.

Thoughts? Anyone?


Dulin said...

Katie and I like the bottom one.

Nicole said...

Hi Karen, You are so right about the two light background fabrics not working right next to each other.

I like the second version where you break up the caterpillar panel with the fun polka dots, then add the assorted foods wider border, then more polka dots.

I don't like adding in the narrow light background small caterpillar print. It is too much going on. You could use that print for the binding maybe if you don't want to waste it. Or, piece your backing in order to use it up.

Or, here is a fourth alternative. The caterpillar panel is in the center, you then surround that with a polka dot border, then use the small caterpillar print, then another row of polka dots, then end up with the widest border of the food print. Typically you would want to have the largest print closest to the edge of the quilt. Ending with a narrower row of polka dots works because you have already used that print.

What do you think? Make sense?

kseemuth said...

I like the bottom one too!

Katie's Korner said...

I like them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!