Sunday, November 18, 2007

One Charm Pack cut out

Wildrose fabrics from Moda U class.

2/3 yards of fabric shifted in the wash.

1 yard of fabric that sifted in the wash.


Ack. I got a cold, so I haven't had a lot of energy. But I did finally cut out the Bella Rosa charm pack for a doll quilt which I plan to hang on the wall.

Then I washed some yardage I bought that goes with one of the other charm packs. 1 yard of fabric and it shifted 2 inches in the wash. Now I am freaked out about the charm squares. I prewashed a different charm pack and most of the squares stayed square, but some of them are now trapezoids or rhombuses or whatever you call a square that is no longer square. It took forever to iron the squares after I washed them. Hmmm, I am thinking I am not going to be buying any more charm packs.

I had my Moda U class yesterday and the fabric line this month is Wildrose. They are exactly the colors I love--navy, dark reds, tans, etc. I have charm packs if this line as well and plan to do something with flying geese.

The kids are coming home on Tuesday for Thanksgiving so I will be packing up the sewing stuff so they can have their rooms back : )

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