Monday, November 26, 2007

Back in Business

This is the dog, showing his complete lack of interest in my quilting activities.

Current work in progress--Amanda's Baby Doll quilt by Me and My Sister Designs.

Color wash project from about 15 years ago. I finally assembled the squares. I just need to do the borders and binding and quilt it.

A bin for every project.

The sewing machine and design wall (to the right).


It was wonderful to have the kids at home for the Thanksgiving weekend. Yesterday my husband drove them back to school and I was sad : ( We really miss them when they are away.

Well, I had to do *something* to cheer myself up, so I moved my sewing stuff back into their rooms.

Today I made another trip to the LQS for backing and contrast fabric for the Irish Chain quilt I'll be making for my son's graduation from college.

I also bought fabric for a new Christmas tree skirt. We have changed the color scheme in the living room and the old skirt just doesn't work. For now I will just drape the new fabric around the base of the tree.

Now I just need to sit down and sew!


kseemuth said...

oh a new tree skirt! yay! i was looking at it and thought that it wouldnt really match anymore.

Nicole said...

Hi Karen! You look so organized in your work areas. If you could see my sewing room right now I would be so embarrassed. What a mess!