Monday, September 3, 2007

Sunday and Monday


Sunday we went to church. After a nap, we went to some friends' for supper. Then we went to the Wisconsin Highland Games at the Waukesha Expo to hear his brother's Gaelic band. It was wild to see all the guys in kilts (not the band, the people attending). Then we went to Thunder Bay Grill for dessert.

Monday I made my 75th trip to Walmart for school supplies, then we drove to Madison to see Daniel and Kristin and take a carload of stuff. We went to lunch at Unos and then dropped them off. It was good to see them settled in and ready to start the school year.

We came home and I took a nap and then did some watering in the garden and we walked the dog.

After a late supper I chilled for a bit and went to bed.

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