Friday, May 23, 2008

May 23, 2008 - A full day of work

I didn't think you would really want to see a picture of my bucket full of weeds that were pulled today. I got a good start, but there are always more. We need to get a load of mulch in here and get it spread out to discourage those nasty weeds. I also sprayed the back yard gardens with lots of Miracle Gro to make them happy : )

Still plugging away at the laundry the kids brought home--clothes, towels, lots of bedding.

I am 4 days for 4 of getting on the tread mill. Due to my age and health reasons I decided I have to make aerobic exercise a priority. Walking the dog doesn't count, he is too slow! Still working on the eating part...

I am also making 2 adult size Very Hungry Caterpillar bags for friends who are teachers.

My son has been home and working for a whole week and my daughter arrives home tomorrow from a week long leadership camp in eastern Upper Michigan. It will be good to be together again. Even the dog is anxious for us to be together.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend.


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